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70 Years of the UK’s Official Singles Chart


BBC Radio Celebrations

Popular Down the Ages ...


The Official Charts Company has created a chart for BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 featuring the most streamed songs released in each year since the inception of the UK’s Official Singles Chart in 1952. Radio 2 will mark the anniversary by broadcasting each of the most streamed songs from 1960-1999 during their Sounds Of The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s shows, on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November.


In addition to this, a one-off programme on BBC SoundsMost Streamed Chart: 1952-1959 – will showcase the songs from those years, presented by Ricky Wilson. BBC Radio 1 will also broadcast the most streamed songs released from 2000-2022 – with 2000-2010 presented by Vick Hope and Katie Thistleton, and 2011- 2022 presented by Jack Saunders.


Robert Gallacher, Commissioning Editor, BBC Radio Pop Networks, stated: “We’re delighted to mark the 70th anniversary of the Official Singles Chart – a record not just of our favourite tunes, but also our shared cultural history. With the release of this new chart, it’s particularly fascinating to see which classic songs from the past are rated by today’s music consumers, and how that appeal can be driven by exposure on TV, adverts and social media. This chart is a true testament to the timelessness of brilliant pop music.”

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The chart does not include the hit Christmas singles from each of the decades, but a show – The Most Streamed Christmas No.1s – will be broadcast on Radio 2 and BBC Sounds over the festive season. Details and lists are at the URL, below:


(Source: BBC | RadioToday)


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