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A Clear Day and Some Weather Images


Re-discover Weather Fax

Radio and Weather Data 

Now that the new Klingenfuss 2021 Frequency Lists are out, I have renewed my interest in receiving weather facsimile (WXFAX) images. The main frequencies from JOMOC (UK) and DWD (Germany) have not changed, it seems.

My AOR AR7030 is on 8040 or 7880kHz (don't forget to subtract/add 1.9kHz for USB/LSB). 

Today was a clear day here in Lancashire, and I managed to receive a few good maps from DWD Hamburg. My aerial is a Wellbrook 1530 Loop, the stalwart in the shack, and I have been running SeaTTY, Black  Cat Weather Fax and Zorns Lemma 11.42 in the background all day. The colour map is a worldwide weather summary acquired from online databases a few days ago. 

Tomorrow, we are supposed to get a massive Low up here, much rain and high winds, so there will be attenuation of the signals. Today was probably the best day for this week to try this. 

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