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A Thank You For Community Heroes


Michael Bublé Helps Local BBC Radio

A Special Easter Celebration

Michael Bublé is helping local BBC radio honour some of the country’s community heroes this Easter. The singer will surprise key workers as the BBC’s 39 local radio stations thank those who have made a difference where they live.

It’s part of a special series of programmes broadcast this Easter to celebrate community heroes by introducing them to their favourite stars. Singers Becky Hill and Emeli Sandé join Michael in surprising their fans who deserve special thanks.

Michael says: “I spent a lot of the pandemic advocating for you – and for people like you – because we worried so much about our healthcare system because of what I had gone through with my son, who was ill. I had become friends with so many of the healthcare professionals and we had a mission that we wanted to keep them going.

"In my country, Canada, the healthcare system was bending under the pressure, and on behalf of all my friends, family and my country and this country, I just say thank you so much.

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We teach our kids that Spiderman and Batman are awesome, but they’re not the real superheroes, YOU ARE.”

(Source: RadioToday)