A Virtual Radio Rally


Stay in Touch With Our Traders

A Socially-Distant Virtual Radio Rally Most things have moved online for the time being, and radio rallies – traditionally the highlights of the radio enthusiast’s calendar – are no exception. Fear not, though, help is at hand. In today’s post, I am organising a socially-distant virtual rally. Here are some links to the regular radio traders you would expect to see, plus a few images to help you imagine what you might see at such an event. I have not been able to produce virtual bacon butties yet, but I am working on it. Enjoy your stroll through the newly-opened Don Field Virtual Exhibition Hall and do not forget to follow up on the links to keep our traders busy at this difficult time. Traders: if you are not on this list, please get in touch with me, and you will be included in the next version. Bhi: https://www.bhi-ltd.com ICOM UK: https://icomuk.co.uk InnoVAntennas: https://www.innovantennas.com/en LAMCO: https://www.hamradio-shop.co.uk Lindars Radios: https://www.amateurradiosales.co.uk Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd.: https://www.hamradio.co.uk/ Moonraker: https://www.moonraker.eu Nevada: www.nevadaradio.co.uk Peak Electronic Design Ltd.: www.peakelec.co.uk Pocketmags: www.pocketsmags.com RadioUser/PW/ Bookshop/ Subscriptions: www.radioenthusiast.co.uk Radioworld: www.radioworld.co.uk RigEXPERT: https://rigexpert.com Sandpiper Aerials: https://www.sandpiperaerials.com SDR Kits: www.SDR-Kits.net SDRPlay: www.SDRplay.com Shortwave Shop: www.shortwave.co.uk Sotabeams: https://www.sotabeams.co.uk Spiderbeam; www.spiderbeam.net TechnoFixUK: https://shop.technofix.uk Tennamast: www.tennamast.com The DX Shop: www.thedxshop.com Waters & Stanton: https://hamradiostore.co.uk
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