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New Release: AN-SOF 6.20.

You Can Now Export to Radio Mobile

The developers of AN-SOF have been in touch to let us know about the new release of AN-SOF 6.20, via Keith Rawlings, our Aerials Now columnist. The ability to export to Radio Mobile is a noteworthy development here.

The following features have been added to the software package:

Radiation patterns plotted in AN-Polar can now be exported as *.ant files. The *.ant format can then be imported into the Radio Mobile propagation software. The format description can be found here:

Versions 1 and 3 are implemented in AN-SOF 6.20.  

See how to export radiation patterns from AN-SOF to Radio Mobile here:  

For a 1 slice polar plot, an azimuth pattern must be chosen (theta = const). For the 2 slices polar plot, slice 1 must be azimuthal (theta = const) and slice 2 must be zenithal (phi = const). The Full 3D option must be selected in the AN-SOF Configure tab > Far-Field panel.

Exportation of linear wires in DXF format has been added. DXF files can then be read by Autodesk viewer at this URL:

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Among these improvements, the developers have also fixed some bugs reported by users.  Users subscribed to an upgrade plan will receive the download link for AN-SOF 6.20 in a separate email. 

The AN-SOF developers wish to thank all their software users for their feedback and support.

(Sources: AN-SOF | via Keith Rawlings)

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