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AN-SOF 6 is Here


Upgraded Version of this popular Antenna Simulator

Improve your Antenna Modelling 

There has been a significant upgrade to the AN-SOF antenna modelling simulation software (AN-SOF 6). Significant because, for example, the program now allows for wires close to (or connected to) ground and radial ground plane with buried wires (see below). There are new preset lists of soil/ground conditions (previously users had to add this information themselves). Other improvements include the following:


  • Improved real-ground calculations. Soil conductivity and dielectric constant affect the current distribution (input impedance), as well as the far and near fields.
  • Wires very close to the ground are allowed.
  • Wires connected to the ground are allowed. Ground connections can be perfect or imperfect.
  • Preset list of conductivities and dielectric constants for different soils (good, average, poor, cities, rich soil, fertile land, sandy, freshwater, seawater, ice, etc.)
  • Radial wire ground screen with buried radials.
  • Dielectric substrate slab of finite size to model microstrip patch antennas in addition to the existing infinite substrate.


There is also a new Facebook interest group now: The AN-SOF Antenna Simulator Group offers further information and user guides. The new features put AN-SOF above those packages that use the NEC-2 engine and is a noteworthy upgrade.

(Source: Keith Rawlings)

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