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AN-SOF Antenna Simulator


Version 8.0

Scheduled for Release in Mid-February.


The improvements are in the main related to the presentation of plots and shortcuts which will enable the user to quickly display them. This is the preliminary description:


  • New Plots tab where we can quickly see the input impedance,  as a function of frequency, with various visualisation controls (grids, points, markers, etc.).
  • The different parts of tapered wires are identified with alternating colours to better distinguish the wires of which they are composed.
  • Click on a column header in the Results tab to display a plot immediately.
  • New 3D Rotation button on the toolbar to easily rotate the view by moving the mouse.
  • Combo-boxes now have ‘memory’. Select the frequency or angles to display polar diagrams and the next time you do so the same values will be pre-loaded.
  • The Resistivity can also be set when entering linear wires via main menu > Edit > Tabular Input.
  • Users who use the comma as the decimal symbol can now import NEC files that use the period as the decimal separator. Go to Tools > Preferences > Options and check the option ‘The comma is set as the decimal symbol’.
  • New Preferences window in AN-Smith to change the display of graphics in the Smith chart (line width, fonts, background, points).


The new Results and Plots display appears as Tabs in the main design window. When the results tab is selected, clicking on the column header will directly display the relevant plot i.e. VSWR, Rin etc. without requiring access via menu items. The Plots tab displays VSWR, Gain, Front-to-Rear, and Front-to-Back ratios simultaneously.


The user may then select any one of the four plots to display at full screen for better viewing. These last two features considerably reduce the time it takes to display a graph or plot while assessing simulations. The 3D Rotation feature now greatly enhances the viewing of 3D plots as the plot may be dragged to any viewing angle by the mouse.AN-SOF allows users to enter wires either individually via a single wire dialogue box or by the familiar tabular input used by other applications, now, wire Resistivity may be added while using tabular input. Here are some useful tips:


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TIP 1: Double-click on the AN-SOF or AN-3D Pattern workspace to centre the view in the window.

TIP 2: Check "Show Points" in the Preferences window of AN-Polar to see the points on the radiation pattern lobes.

TIP 3: Check "Equal Scales in 2 Plots" in the Preferences window of the AN-XY Chart to display left and right axes with the same scale.


Among these improvements, the developers have also fixed some bugs reported by users. For access to the 292-page user manual, knowledge base and pricing please visit: