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Belka DX Receiver


Check out this Little Marvel

One for your Pocket

Hello everyone. You are looking at the Belka DX ultra-compact DSP receiver. It is named, it seems, after one of the earliest Soviet Space Dogs.

Although not much larger than a box of matches, this little box of tricks boasts levels of sensitivity and selectivity to trouble the most expensive of portable HF receivers. The front end is very robust indeed and can handle broadband magnetic loops, or long-wires with ease. Thus far, I have not experienced any overloading, intermodulation products etc. Frequency coverage is limited to the HF broadcast band: 1.5 to 31MHz, so LW and MW enthusiasts are not catered for, other than 1.5 MHz to the end of the X-band.

Nonetheless, this is simply a superb receiver, and it is also available with a built-in speaker. I can’t think of a better portable radio to take travelling, or for use on a DXpedition. So far, I have copied South American low power stations such as Radio Tarma, Peru on 4775 kHz and Radio Mosoj Chaski, Bolivia on 3310 kHz. Both of these stations are very difficult to hear in Europe, particularly the latter which is rarely reported. Finally, I should mention the I/Q output which allows the user to view a spectrum using suitable software.

[Don’t forget to check out Clint Gouveia’s review of the brand-new ELAD FDM S-3 in the forthcoming (April 2021) issue of RadioUser – Ed.].

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(Source, Photo-Credit and Thanks: Clint Gouveia, Oxford Short Wave Log)