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British Inland Waterways on the Air 2022


27-29th August

A Plethora of Places to Activate

The event is open to all Amateurs who are boaters, cyclists, walkers and other users of the canals, rivers, towpaths, and riverbanks for work or recreation. Even lakes and reservoirs used for recreation classify as an ‘Inland Waterway’, so there are many places for activating.

Many clubs and individual Amateurs on or near the UK inland waterways obtain Special Event Station (SES) callsigns. Others operate mobile or portable using their own callsigns. Many more like to contact the BiWota stations. It is also a good chance for WAB enthusiasts to get some rare WAB squares.

The primary bands will be 40m (7MHz) and 2m (144MHz SSB and FM) but all bands will be acceptable.

The aim of the event is to bring together Radio Amateurs who regularly use the waterways to celebrate their hobby and raise awareness of the UK waterways.

Please check out the event Facebook page for current information:

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How to Register for the event

If you would like to take part this year could you please use the Registrations Page giving, as appropriate, your:


  • Callsign (SES, or personal), Club Callsign (if it’s a club station)
  • Operators name(s) (or club contact and callsign)
  • Boat or Radio Club name
  • Station Location inc waterway
  • Planned Bands inc days of operation
  • Station Maidenhead locator and WAB square (if known)

E=mail [email protected]

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