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British Vintage Wireless Society (BVWS)


Golborne Swapmeet 2022

A Great Vintage Day Out 

I went to visit the BVWS Golborne Swapmeet near Warrington yesterday. This is always a treat because I love vintage radios and electronic gear that reflect the technology of former eras.

On this occasion, I also met with RadioUser regular Chrissye Brand for a rummage amongst the valves and a catch-up chinwag. 

As for previous such meetings, there were around a dozen stalls in the venue, with all sorts of goodies, from radios, restoration projects and spare parts to a plethora of old newsletters, magazines and books. A real dive into radio history. 

Among those magazines, I even spotted a venerable copy of the March 1967 issue of Practical Wireless, as well as various traders' old and new brochures and news sheets (see the pictures on this page). 

There was a short technical demonstration of an oscilloscope.

Plus, in the year in which we have come together here at RadioUser to celebrate the Centenary of the BBC, it was particularly fascinating to see some of the older television sets on display; many of them were in excellent condition.

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I took the opportunity to talk to a few RadioUser readers and with the stallholders, to learn about the activities of the British Vintage Wireless Society (BVWS):

The 'business' of swapping, buying and acquiring seemed brisk, with most of the activity, it seemed to me, concentrated at the beginning of the event, not long after 10 am.

I had a great day and much enjoyed looking around and adding to my collection of older radio books and newsletters. 

Many thanks to the organisers for letting me into what was, after all, a members' event. I am looking forward to joining.