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Broadcasts in English (A22)


A New Publication from the BDXC


Stay Up-to-Date with this Guide 

Published this month (May 2022), the BDXC Broadcasts in English guide covers the A22 Schedules. Broadcasts in English has, once again, been compiled by the BDXC's Dave Kenny.

The publication includes details of all known international broadcasts in English on short- and medium wave for the current schedule period, as well as selected domestic English-language broadcasts on short wave.

The 24-page booklet comes in a handy time order throughout and covers all target areas worldwide. Transmitter sites are included, where possible, along with schedules for Media & Mailbag Programmes and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) services in English.

This is compiled by Dave Kenny with thanks also to help from Alan Roe, Rumen Pankov and Tony Rogers.

UK £3, Europe £4 or €6, Rest of World £5 or $8.

Please send orders (UK cheques/ Postal Orders payable to “British DX Club”) to British DX Club, 19 Park Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 6PF ($ or € - cash or PayPal only).

All prices above include postage. PayPal payments to: [email protected] 

Payments are also welcome by bank transfer at no extra cost - email for details:


(Source: BDXC via Chrissy Brand)

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