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Cold Front from Svalbard


A Change of Weather is in the Air

Stay Indoors and Monitor the Weather

Well, as predicted, there is a big change in the offing. Was it only yesterday that I actually sat in the garden with a cup of tea, checking on daytime medium wave reception on my AOR AR7030? Today, it is barely five degrees here in the North West, and the forecasts paint a different picture. The first of the images below shows a UK soon to be battered by cold winds from Scandinavia; just check how closely the isobars are together. I used an ELAD FDM DUOr SDR and Zorns Lemma 11.42 software to make the chart, from the transmission on 7880kHz (7878.1kHz) USB from DWD in Hamburg, the German Weather Service. Screenshot two is a composite of global ship- and land-based synoptic weather data, extending to the Northern Hemisphere. I kept the amount of detail shown to a minimum to display the wider picture. Other equipment used for the pictures was SeaTTY and ELAD software FDM SW-2. 

Weather watchers are natural bedfellows with radio enthusiasts, and we will keep reporting on the latest trends in getting weather and atmospheric data by radio in the pages of RadioUser.

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In the meantime, let’s hope the Sun is back again soon.