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Digital Radio Mondiale


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What is DRM?

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is a digital standard for use on the long, medium, shortwave and VHF bands. These bands span 150kHz to 240MHz.

DRM can transmit audio in mono or stereo, include images called slideshows, PDF, Word and other files, a simple website, trigger emergency alerts and include a digital text service called Journaline.


DRM can have up to four services and usually audio and data are configured as separate services although it is possible to include some data in an audio channel.


DRM uses system configurations called modes (A-D for AM and E for FM/VHF) suited to broadcasting on a particular band or where propagation is poor.

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There is more information on the website of our Digital Radio columnist, Kevin Ryan, including more information on DRM available as a PDF download and an up-to-date schedule of DRM transmissions on shortwave.