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Details of reception successes during January and February are still arriving from around the globe. These will be collated and presented next month. In the meantime, here are details of some recent changes affecting radio and television services.

Service Information


Switzerland: The country has confirmed its plans to switch off analogue radio services starting in 18 months. The national broadcaster SRG-SSR will go first in summer 2022, followed by private stations by January 2023. The update came at the World DAB General Assembly.

   All SRG-SSR DVB-T television transmitters closed on June 3rd, 2019. After that date, reception was possible only via cable, satellite, and the Internet.

   However, there are still a few low-power DVB-T and DVB-T2 transmitters (vertical and mixed polarisation) remaining; some have been re-activated since the switch-off. The multiplexes are:


LAM D1 (DVB-T) on D34V with 1.8kW ERP. Location: Altstätten/Hoher Kasten (on the border between the Kantonen Appenzell Innerrhoden and St. Gallen).


Programmes: SRF-1 HD and SRF Zwei HD.

Parameters: modulation: 64-QAM, guard interval: 1/32, FEC: 5/6 and data: 30.16 Mbit/s.


LEM F1 (DVB-T) on D31M with 2kW ERP.

Location: Mont Salève, situated close to the border in the French Département of Haute-Savoie.


Programme: Lémanbleu TV.

Parameters: modulation: 16-QAM, guard interval: ¼, FEC: 5/6 and data: 16.33 Mbit/s.


LEM F2 (DVB-T2) on D34V with 1.9kW ERP.

Location: Mont Salève, close to the border of the French Département Haute-Savoie.


Programmes: Lémanbleu TV, LFM TV GE, One FM TV GE, Rouge TV GE, RTS 1 and RTS 2.

Parameters: not currently known.


LEM F2 (DVB-T2) on D34V with 2.4kW ERP.

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Location: La Dôle (Gingins)/La Barillette (Kanton Vaud).


LEM F3 (DVB-T2) on D30V with 1.6kW ERP and D48V at 650W ERP,

Location: Chasseral (Kanton Bern).

Programme: RTS Un (formerly TSR-1).

Parameters: modulation: 64-QAM, guard interval: 19/128, FEC: ½, and data: 25.83 Mbit/s.


Algeria: Some Band III transmitters on channels E5 and E6 seem to be still operating, namely Ain N’ Sour and Akfadou, respectively. These are both coastal sites.


Canada: On February 26th, 2021, the following CTV analogue TV transmitters were due to close:


Alberta Province

A2, CFRN-TV-5, Lac-la-Biche, 8.7kW ERP.

A7, CFRN-TV-7, Lougheed, 21.0kW ERP.

A12, CFRN-TV-4, Ashmont, 26.7kW ERP.

A12, CFRN-TV-3, Whitecourt, 17.9kW ERP.

A13, CFRN-TV-12, Athabasca, 3.3kW ERP.


Saskatchewan Province

A7, CKMJ-TV, Moose Jaw, 98.0kW ERP.


Stay Tuned!

Please send DX-TV and FM reception reports, photographs, details about equipment, plus news about changes to radio and television services, using the E-mail addresses shown at the top of this column.


The photograph shows the Swiss Lé logo.

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