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ELAD TM-2 Console for SDR Radio


With Knobs On

ML&S: Elad TM-2 Console for SDR Radio


The ELAD TMate 2 USB Tuning System is the one vital SDR radio accessory for the many users who cannot or will not operate without the usual knobs and a display. With knobs and buttons, multifunction colour display and USB HID interface, TMate2 allows the control of the main functions of SDR software, such as FDM-SW2, PowerSDR and Perseus. Intended mainly to allow the use of SDR software without the need to watch the screen of the PC, or when the screen of the PC is crowded by various programs such as LOG or software for DIGITAL operations or CONTEST. The specifications are as follows:


  • HID USB 2.0 device (no driver required)
  • Works using Vcom and CAT protocol or directly supported in software.
  • Works even your SDR is not active windows.
  • Main tuning knob (with push-button) for incremental step VFO tuning (user-defined).
  • Two detent encoder (with push-button) for various functions (factory defined).
  • 6 function keys (factory defined).
  • RGB custom display (colour user-defined in RGB range).
  • Heavy metal ergonomic enclosure.
  • Heavy metal knobs.
  • No power supply required.
  • Compatible with PowerSDR and Perseus (dedicated software included).
  • Compatible with remote-operation (using serial to TCP converter).
  • Directly supported (no CAT) in FDM-SW2 ELAD software.
  • Dimensions: 143mm x 78mm x 135mm (L H P).
  • Weight: 780 g (without USB cable).
  • Front panel inclination: 45°.
  • USB (PC) powered - USB cable included.


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(Source: ML&S/ ELAD)