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ELF/ VLF Radio: The NASA INSPIRE Project


This article introduces the Interactive NASA Space Physics, Ionosphere and Radio Experiments (INSPIRE) Project and looks at what radio waves reveal about nature.

The Interactive NASA Space Physics, Ionosphere and Radio Experiments (INSPIRE) Project is unique, and its quarterly INSPIRE-Journal well worth a read. The network is all about radio waves in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) frequency bands. These can be low-frequency signals and electric discharges in our planet's atmosphere, which are called 'natural radio'. Interest in VLF radio continues globally. Here, radio becomes an instrument for the understanding of nature. ELF and VLF radio waves help us to understand phenomena such as earthquakes, lightning, the aurora, solar eclipses, solar flares and many more. The INSPIRE network brings people together, provides study opportunities and distributes its own VLF receiver kit.

In RadioUser magazine, we already cover propagation studies and radio science, and we will extend coverage of VLF radio over the coming months, facilitated by new research and an international team of writers and experts. In the UK, the UK Radio Astronomy Association provides a good starting point to learn about this area. Keep an eye out for low frequency topics in the magazine in future.


27 April 2018


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