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Fighting Isolation


The Role of Amateur Radio Nets

Amateur Radio Nets: Open Communications Link For Those In Isolation

The following article is from the website of TECSUN Australia, but the contents applies equally to Europe and the UK: “Amateur Radio networks are providing worldwide communications and vital social communications during the current pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, most of the population have resorted to chat and video conferencing apps to stay in touch. Around Australia, there are hundreds of people staying in touch using an older, more traditional means, amateur radio. Every day, regular Amateur radio ‘nets’ (which are simply on on-air gatherings of amateur radio operators) are in use, providing operators with a means of communicating with their fellow hobbyists daily. These “nets” appear at the same time, every day, and on the same frequency. A net comprises several amateur radio stations, all operating in turn on the same frequency at a pre-determined time of day. Nets for purely social use cover many subjects such as current weather conditions, ionospheric conditions, and propagation, equipment type in use, and modifications. These nets primarily use the 80 and 40 metre, amateur bands. They provide a great way to keep in touch, in isolation. Newcomers are always made welcome and shortwave listeners are also acknowledged by many operators.” Do you know of any UK Nets? If so, please get in touch, so we can publish the details in the next issue of RadioUser magazine.

In the Tecsun radios are sold by Nevada/ Waters and Stanton and other dealers.

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