Flying to Memory Lane


The Signal R-532 and 535 Airband Receivers

Vintage Airband Adventure 


Last week, I had the opportunity to acquire, from a well-known online auction site, two units of the venerable Signal Communications R-532 airband receiver to grace my shack. They join the (later-model) Signal Communications R-535, which I also have.

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Living what has to be beneath one of the busiest aerial crossroads in the North West of the UK is helpful, and the receiver did not disappoint, even without 8.33Hz step size. Call me nostalgic but I do enjoy looking at the little red LEDs going round when aircraft come within reach.


Maybe I am a nerd, and yes, there are many newer, fuller-featured airband receivers, but, as a trip down memory lane during the lockdown, these ain’t half bad, and very sensitive too. Grab one when you can, you’ll enjoy it, I am sure.