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Forthcoming Book Reviews in RadioUser


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Radio in History - Radio in War

There can be little doubt that radio communications, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), propaganda, deception and psychological warfare have all payed - and continue to play - a very significant role of conflicts and wars in history. In The Secret World, author Christopher Andrew has just demonstrated this in over 1,000 pages. On a much smaller scale, RadioUser has a regular column on The History of Radio, written by Scott Caldwell, as well as a monthly Book Review section, by our expert David Harris. There is a bit of a 'theme' going on, in our pages at the moment, and the images on this page are meant to sharpen your voracious reading appetite for all the exciting books David is going to scrutinise later this year. Check out these titles, and our expert reviews, to improve your historical and technical knowledge of this period, and beyond. And please get in touch with me if there is a new radio-related book you think we should review in these pages. Happy browsing!

Georg Wiessala

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