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From Winfield Wonder Wire to Melted Matchbox


OTNews May 2022 is Out

Radio Amateurs Old Timers' Association - Why Not join?

The Summer 2022 Edition of the quarterly RAOTA magazine (OTNews) has been sent to the printers and to the RAOTA reader of the audio version. The aim is that both printed and audio versions arrive with members at the same time in the near future. An image of the cover and contents page can be seen on this page.

The issue describes an aerial made by G3ZPF back in 1982 called the Winfield Wonder Wire. This is, basically, an 84ft doublet, named after a roll of Woolworth’s own-brand bell-wire. Probably not the best material to use but it was put up to replace its predecessor which was overcome by the weather.

Despite its somewhat uninspiring construction the aerial managed 5bandDXCC by 1982, and despite being only 25ft in the air, managed to work ZL on 80m (admittedly, just once). W3WEG continues his Antenna Chronicles series, and this 3rd part is entitled The Melted Matchbox

Moreover, G4GHU continues his series of cartoons, and G3ZPF presents a number of useful web links, covering the design and use of Baluns/Chokes and one for the 1937 issue of the Jones Antenna Handbook. Its contents are still relevant today because the laws of physics are persistent.

Also in this issue, G3RZP provides an overview of the Reflex Klystron and VK6 has an article with the intriguing title of The WS17 Searchlight radio. GW3XJQ describes a get-together of some of the Welsh RAOTA members, and G4JCP discusses the impact of computers on thehobby.

Some think that you need to have been licensed for 25 years to join RAOTA, but you do not. Anyone with an active interest in amateur radio is welcome to become a member. There is no need to hold (or be qualified to hold) an amateur radio licence. We have several SWLs in our ranks.

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RAOTA is based in the UK but has a growing overseas membership now, including one in Tahiti (!) With HF conditions on the rise, G3ZPF discusses ways to increase the chances of coming across overseas RAOTA members on air.

Although the association is interested in the history and traditions of amateur radio it is equally involved with the future of the hobby, and it has plenty of members using the latest equipment and modes of transmission.

To find out more, visit the Association's website at, or write to:

RAOTA Membership Secretary

65 Montgomery Street

Hove, East Sussex


(Source: RAOTA) 

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