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Headset Solution from Icom


Commercial Headset/Radio Solution for Icom Aviation Radios

Icom UK is now able to supply a high-quality commercial headset radio solution that will work with their latest Icom IC-A25NE/CE aviation hand-portables. The SWATCOM A-KABEL headsets and PTT’s use the latest headset technology offering excellent hearing protection and communication, combined with high durability. The headset/radio solution will meet the demands of extreme high-noise environments such as helidecks and airports where critical communications are paramount. Working in environments such as offshore exploration helidecks, airports and airfields demands tough, rugged, communications products. Good communication is vital to ensure workplace safety and reduced downtime. The SWATCOM A-KABEL headsets & PTT’s are built to withstand the demands of these extreme environments, at the same time ensure operators maintain their personal safety. The combined Icom/Headset package can be ordered from your local dealer.  For further details contact our Aviation product specialists on 01227 741741 or email the address below.

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This article was featured in the August 2019 issue of Radio User.