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Hurricanes from Hamburg


Weather with AirSpy & Virtual Audio Cable

Rough Weather Ahead?


I am experimenting with Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) at the moment, especially in the areas I have always enjoyed using a radio for. Receiving Radio facsimile (radiofax or HF fax) and radioteletype (RTTY) signals from DWD Deutscher Wetterdienst in Hamburg is one of them. Over the last few days, I have used a Moonraker HF Vertical on the roof and my Wellbrook ALA 1530 Loop (indoors at the moment) for this. The main frequency was 7646 (RTTY) and 7880 (Fax) kHz (minus 1.9kHz, on USB) or thereabouts. Some of the results can be seen in the pictures attached, made over the last weekend here in my radio-shack-isolation chamber. Check out the Hurricane symbol on today’s faxes., you don't see that too often This was received with the above aerials and the AirSpy HF+ Discovery tucked behind the PC. Software used, and that you can see here, included SeaTTY, Zorns Lemma 11.42, Peak Level Meter and Spectran. If you are doing similar things, with either your hardware radio or SDR, why not drop me a line and share your catches, I feel certain they are better than mine!

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GW 03/08/20