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In the Editor's Shack | ICOM IC-R30


Which Antennas to Use

In the Editor’s Shack | ICOM IC-R30 Wideband Receiver 1

Thanks to Ian Lockyer at ICOM UK, I have the pleasure of using an ICOM IC-R30 wideband receiver in my shack at the moment. I am aiming to highlight a few aspects of this radio through some postings this month. I have made a start today, by monitoring the military airband up here in Lancashire. I am quite close to Warton, and traffic, under normal circumstances, is busy. For these posts, however, I am first looking at aerials to use with this powerful radio. A simple rubber duckie does not really do it justice, so I have delved into my equipment box and dug our two aerials to recommend. First, the slightly older, and hard-to-get Diamond RHS1000. This is a very versatile piece of kit, which you can put together, in six different incarnations, to suit the band you need. It has been enough to mount this aerial indoors and get results. Moreover, I have connected a Moonraker DBAB Civil and Military Air Band Receiving Antenna on my roof 118-137 and 220-391MHz). Once again, excellent results, the scanner pulled in many signals, both local and further away. In my next post, I will look at a relatively new contender: the AntennaAir ‘Black Knight’ Ham Dual Band Antenna for 118-450MHz, which has just come in for a review. Come back soon.

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