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Revisiting the ELAD FDMduo R

A Sensitive and Customisable Radio 

A nifty little gadget, this. Well, actually, much more than that: a professional-level piece of radio kit. I have had one of those before, sold it, only to regret it later. Martin Lynch to the rescue, and hey, here is the new one, this time with matching speaker. When it comes to radios, I am like ‘Wavy Mavis’, from Open All Hours – I just cannot decide whether I want a hardware radio (I do so love my AORs and Lowes) or an SDR.

As you know, this one does both, right down to VLF, so this my choice for now. So far, I have focussed on medium wave broadcast, aeronautical voice and Non-Directional Beacons, in all of which areas it has excelled. I love the way you can adjust gain and bandwidth until you are happy with both reception and sound quality. I did not expect the speaker to be as large as this, nor for it to have its own noise-suppression circuits – extra-points for this.

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We are planning to offer an in-depth review of this radio's successor, the ELAD FDM S3 in one of the next available issues of RadioUser. Don't miss it! 

Take care, stay safe and enjoy your lockdown-radios.