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International Women’s Day 2023


Radioworld and Beyond

Radio and Equality

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). The event has its roots on March 8, 1857, when female textile workers marched in protest of unfair working conditions and unequal rights for women. It was one of the first organized strikes by working women. On March 8 in 1908, workers in the needle trades marched in New York City to protest child labour, and sweatshop working conditions and demand women’s suffrage.

Beginning in 1910, the date became observed as International Women’s Day. In the field of radio, however, many women are even today still struggling for pay equality and recognition. By contrast, the world of podcasting has enabled the participation of many more women in the production and presentation of programmes.  The picture shows the women making the influential Radioworld platform what it is today.

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In the UK, a number of radio stations offer special programmes and celebrations throughout the day today, and there are many local and regional events highlighting the day. What will your contribution be today? 


(Source: Radioworld | National and International Press)

Picture: IWD/ Radioworld