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Jim PSU-500 Power Supply


A Lucky Online Find

An Old Friend

A serendipitous internet purchase has delivered into my hands an old favourite: the Jim PSU-500 Power Supply, made by Solid State Electronics (SSE) in Southampton. This used to be a reliable shack companion for many years. SSE also made Scanner Stands and combined Scanner Chargers and Stands. Is the firm still around, somewhere, does anyone know?

The Jim PSU-500 benefited from a low-noise linear design (“Fully RF-Suppressed”). This ensures that no noise enters your receivers or peripherals. I have always appreciated having the two 12V outputs simultaneously available at the rear. I can run either two HF receivers off it or a radio plus accessories, or any other combination.

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In the pictures on this page, it reliably powers two older ERA accessories, the Microreader and the BP-34 Audio Filter, while the AOR AR7030 runs off its own special PSU. A blast from the past, certainly, but also a reliable performer. Get yourself one of those if you can lay your hands on one.