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In the Editor's Shack

A Solid Performer from Yesteryear

I came across a JRC NRD-345 HF receiver on e-Bay the other day, a model which I had not seen offered before on this online auction site. The NRD-545 is a little out of my price range, but these radios have a good reputation, so I thought I’d give it a try. I was not disappointed. Great sensitivity and selectivity on this vintage receiver, the tuning is smooth as silk with nicely adjustable steps.

I like this machine, for the same reason I always tend to like radios: because it has just the combination of features and functionalities that I find most useful to me. Like a large LCD, meter-band tuning-button, a Fax Mode, tone control, a timer, numerical keypad and a strong speaker. I use HF radio mainly for broadcast station listening, with the occasional foray into simple data reception, and, as far as I could see from the review of the NRD-345 in its time, this receiver has just been designed around users such as me.

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I’ll report back on how I get on here from time to time, but, for now, I think this will be my new main in-shack HF receiver. But will I sell my AOR AR7030 now? Not sure yet! Has anyone else had any experience with this radio, or with JRC receivers, for that matter?

Let me know if you do. Here is the manual: