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Loop-Stick Aerial for XHDATA D-808


Nifty and Low-Cost

Improve Your AM DXing

The SWLing Post and contributor, Gary DeBock, have shared the following: The 7.5 inch (19cm) loop stick XHDATA D-808 model was designed to be the ultimate AM-DXing (or Longwave DXing) travel portable and can be built for a construction cost of around US$3. It has already been used by numerous DXers to track down transcontinental and transoceanic AM-DX during overseas travel, and the orange plastic loop stick frame allows full operation of the whip antenna for FM and short wave reception.

The modification procedure isn’t difficult, and the full construction article is posted at the first URL, below. Moreover, a video demonstration of its daytime DX performance (compared to the stock model) has been posted on YouTube (2nd URL)

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(Source and Thanks: SWLing Post | Gary DeBock)