NAVTEX with a NASA Marine BT-3


Marine Weather With Your Smartphone

Check the Weather Regularly

If you are reading our regular Maritime Matters column and are interested in receiving maritime weather forecasts, then using the NASA Marine BT3 Bluetooth-enabled NAVTEX receiver might just be your thing. Leave it unattended and download any messages straight to your phone when you come home. You will need to download the BTLE (Blue NAVTEX) app. Yes, there are many software NAVTEX decoders (I do use YAND too), and the stand-alone Mörer Weather Info Box WIB2D, but this device is so much fun. I ordered myself the kit with the H-Vector Antenna, for more challenging conditions, since I live in the Valley of the (Electronically) Damned, and any reception of anything is a challenge without a decent aerial. The receiver was easily installed and worked like a dream, the pictures will give you an impression. It is nice to be able to see and sort so many messages on your tablet or smartphone, whether you have a boat or not.

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