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New Ranges from Moonraker


​​​​​​​Moonraker have secured an agreement with MFJ Enterprises to distribute its products in the UK & Europe.

Moonraker have secured an agreement with MFJ Enterprises to distribute its products in the UK & Europe. MFJ is a manufacturer of a broad range of products for the amateur radio market specialising in station accessories, antennas and antenna tuner units.

Moonraker are also now importing the Scheunemann range of Morse keys. First to arrive is the Scheunemann Morse Dirigent twin paddle. Dirigent is German for ‘conductor’, as in the conductor of an orchestra. Scheunemann’s Morse Dirigent features a sleek new style with tapered front, and separate tension adjustments for the two levers. It comes complete with tilt-open dust cover and connection cable. Large adjustment knobs for contact spacing and spring tension allow precision adjustment while preserving stability. A Scheunemann paddle virtually never needs to be readjusted. Adjustments can be made by hand and there is no need to touch the locking screws.

The contacts are convex and formed from highly-conductive coin silver. The hand-finished fingerpieces are shaped for maximum comfort while preserving precise control. The base is machined from a solid block of MS-58 surgical-quality brass and coated with a trade-secret polymer that resists wear, staining, and pitting over a lifetime of use.

Scheunemann paddles are supplied with an internally installed cable with striped/tinned leads for easy installation of a connecting plug.

Moonraker are also now stocking the new Airspy HF+ Discovery, mentioned by Mike Richards G4WNC in last month’s Data Modes column. The Airspy HF+ sets a new standard in terms of reception performance with extra preselectors for all the supported bands and a new DSP core to optimise the gain distribution and the filtering parameters in real-time and dig deeper in the noise. The price is still to be confirmed.

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This article was featured in the August 2019 issue of Practical Wireless