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Phillip Schofield and Tony Blackburn on My Radio 1 Roadshow


In The South!


Happy Bank Holiday

This Bank Holiday (Monday, 29th August 2022) BBC Radio’s Sussex and Surrey will hear from Phillip Schofield and Tony Blackburn as they celebrate when the legendary BBC Radio 1 Roadshow visited the South Coast. My Radio 1 Roadshow…In The South, hosted by Shaun Tilley and Smiley Miley, will hear Phillip and Tony’s recollections of fronting the South week of live broadcasts, together with other well-known Radio 1 names sharing their memories too.

Adrian Juste recalls assuming the role of Steve Wright’s Pub Singer character in Brighton and Andy Peebles remembers Lenny Henry making his Radio 1 debut on the Roadshow stage in 1981. Mike Read reminisces about sparks flying during a live transmission in the pouring rain at Weymouth and Rosko looks back at when the Lord Mayor got the team drunk in Hastings. Producer Mik Wilkojc talks about Mr Blobby destroying his drum kit during a performance by The Bee Gees and how the crowds went wild when The Chippendales rocked up for their appearance in Southsea.

There are archive clips of original host Alan Freeman in action at Poole and one super-fan reveals which unlikely Radio 1 star they spotted watching a Roadshow whilst being incognito. My Radio 1 Roadshow…In The South can be heard on BBC Radio’s Sussex and Surrey Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August, between 5-6 pm and will be available on BBC Sounds immediately afterwards.

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(Source: ontheradio | Radio 1 | Industry Press)