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Radio 270 Special Broadcast


From Friday 12th August

Radio 270 Special Broadcast


Radio 270 will be commemorated by several contemporary stations this month as many remember the golden days of the 1960s. On Friday 12, Absolute Radio has a special 6-hour programme about offshore radio, from 10 am on its Absolute 60s channel. The following two days, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th, Atlantis Radio has an Offshore Radio Extravaganza, including a two-hour Radio 270 special at 6 pm. Don't miss it! 


Atlantis Radio usually has a team of old pirates playing 60s tracks all day and rock music all night, and they have £20k worth of prizes to give away this summer. Well worth a listen! On Sunday 14th August, OAP station BOOM RADIO features several programmes about offshore stations and we're promised that many Radio 270 excerpts will be heard. Get your tape recorders (or Hard Drives) ready!

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(Source: World of Radio | Paul Rusling | via Chrissy Brand)