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Radio Amateur Old Timers’ Association (RAOTA)


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OTNews is Out

RAOTA has been in touch with RadioUser, with the following short report: "The spring 2021 of our quarterly magazine (OTNews) will be arriving on members’ doorsteps in the near future. As usual the content covers a wide range of subjects and time periods. Early empire wireless telephony experiments in 1927, together with radio repairs during ww2, serve as reminders of our past. Making your own capacitors is as relevant today in certain circumstances as it ever was, and the latest developments in propagation forecasting outlined by K9LA make for fascinating reading about what the future holds for us in that area.


The Radio Amateur Old Timers' Association (RAOTA) aims to maintain the traditions and spirit of amateur radio. Although we are passionately interested in the history and traditions of amateur radio and are fortunate that we can get a lot of this first-hand from our members, we are equally passionate about the future of our hobby. One of our magazine covers demonstrates this quite succinctly, having a cover showing a picture of communications in WW1 next to one of a DDS synthesiser kit. An article about each is contained in that issue.


One of the enduring myths about RAOTA is that you need to have been licensed for 25 years to become a member, but you don’t. Anyone with an active interest in amateur radio is welcome to become a member. There is no need to hold (or be qualified to hold) an amateur radio licence. We have several SWL in our ranks. To find out more please go to our website."


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RAOTA Membership Secretary

65 Montgomery Street

Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5BE

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