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Radio Amateurs Old Timers Association (RAOTA)


Winter Newsletter (OTNews 140)

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David  G3ZPF, RAOTA President has shared the following Press Release with RadioUser: “The Winter 2021 issue of our quarterly magazine (OTNews) is almost ready. Printed copies will be received by members in the near future and also (for those with limited vision) the audio version. After the hiatus caused by the pandemic, this issue includes details of a ‘get together’ planned for May 2022. An informal gathering in Derby, close to rail and public transport links for those without access to a car.

With members spread across the UK, and some in other countries, RAOTA does not have a regular club meeting place. Instead, we rely on radio nets, our magazine, and the occasional ‘get together’ to keep in touch. It seems likely that the Newark Hamfest will resume in 2022. John (G4GCL) and David (G3ZPF) intend to host the RAOTA stand there.

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The issue includes a request for all our members to vote for their favourite article that has appeared in OTNews during the year. The winning author receives a prize. Ted (G3FEW) has an article looking back at the 1960s, and another about dealing with mains-borne interference. Alan (G4GQL) reminisces about his ‘retro memories’, while Ian (G4EAN) talks about what he is collecting in our archive. The series ‘How I got into radio’ continues with Guy (M0ISK) relating his journey into the hobby, and there are a couple of articles about something that is always dear to all our hearts. Aerials.

Colin (M0EAO) has submitted a piece about 10m radar, Peter (GM3VMB) regales us with a poem, and Terry (G4GHU) has sent in another cartoon. Some seem to think that to join RAOTA you need to have been licensed for 25 years to become a member, but you don’t. Anyone with an active interest in amateur radio is welcome to become a member. There is no need to hold (or be qualified to hold) an amateur radio licence. We have several SWL in our ranks. Although we are interested in the history and traditions of amateur radio we are equally interested in the future of our hobby and have plenty of members using the latest equipment and modes of transmission.

(Source: RAOTA | RAOTA Membership Secretary, 65 Montgomery Street, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5BE)