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Radio History Online


Travel into the Past During Lockdown

While in lockdown, you can explore the history of radio and radios from history at these and other websites. Many of these focus on a number of specific historical events and personalities. Do you know of any other resources that need to be included here? 



American Radio History


BBC: The Atlantic Leap and Beyond


Brookmans Park Twin Wave Station


Jack Binns: Wireless Hero


Cherished Television (UK) (Alexanderson)


Droitwich Calling


European LW and MW History


Kristian Birkeland Jubilee (2017)


Kristian Birkeland: A Terrella at the Oxford Museum of Science (1998)


Life of Kristian Birkeland


Marconi Heritage Group


Maritime Radio Historical Society (USA)


Merchant Navy Nostalgia


North Eastern School of Wireless Telegraphy, Bridlington (1911-1964)


New Zealand Radio Communications


Pirate Radio Hall of Fame


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Radio in History (On This Day)


Radio Rewind


Radio Luxembourg and its English Service (History):


Reginald Fessenden and the Machrihanish Radio Station


Tesla Books Online  


Tesla Colorado Springs Lightning Observations (Peterson, G.)


Tesla Colorado Springs Notes (Facsimile)


Tesla: Master of Lightning


Tesla Memorial Society (New York)


Tesla: My Inventions (in pdf-format):


Tesla (Original Newspaper Articles)


Tesla Science Centre


UK Radio History (MDS975)


USA: Early Radio History


Vintage LW Receivers


Voices from the Ether – History of Radio:


USA Early Radio History

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