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Radio Magazines, Past and Present


A look at some of our old and new covers

Practical Wireless and RadioUser Through the Ages

I am privileged, in that I have the archive for RadioUser here at home, and it is easy for me to look back over the years and appreciate the kind of changes the magazine has undergone. Just looking at the covers, past and present, it strikes me that ideas about design and artwork underlie fashions, just like anything else. RadioUser used to be called radio ACTIVE for a while, and Short Wave Magazine before that. Without going too far back in time, just 15 years, does show significant differences in style, choice of colours, layout and arrangement. What are the main differences for you, and what do you think of RadioUser covers over the last two years, while I have been at the helm.

Don Field, editor of Practical Wireless, added, in respect to the early cover image reproduced here: "In those early halcyon days of radio, many magazines catered for the enthusiasts of the time. These covers reflect just a few of them. In the UK we remember Wireless World, Short Wave Magazine and many others. Sadly, only a few remain. Practical Wireless is 88 years young and still going strong."

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