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Here is an updated selection of some radio and communications magazines, leaflets, blogs and newsletters you can try, online or in hard copy, either for free or by subscription.

Radio Newsletters and Blogs Digest 02/2021


Australian DX News


Australian Shortwave Radio Journal


Bandwidth Blog


BBC Music Newsletter


BBC Newsletter


BBC Radio 3


BBC Radio 4


BBC 7 Newsletter (archival)


BBC Research and Development


BBC Scotland Newsletter (sign-in)


BBC World Service Newsletter


BDXC Newsletter (‘Communication’)


Benelux DX Club (Bulletin)


Broadcast Technology Newsletter (Australia)


Communicator Magazine (USA)


James Cridland


Digital Radio Insider (Blog)


DUBUS (VHF/UHF and Up) Magazine (Germany, in English)


DX Fanzine (Italy)


EE (Electronic Engineering) Times


Elektron Magazine (Netherlands)


EoS Earth and Space Science News (American Geophysical Union)


Elektor Magazine/ News


EURAO Newsletter (European Amateur Radio Association)


Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine


Funkamateur (Germany)


Funk-Telegramm (Germany)


ICOM UK Newsletter (sign-in page)


INSPIRE Journal (VLF Studies and ‘Natural’ Radio


Land Mobile and TETRA Today


Lorna Young Foundation Newsletter


MagPi Magazine


Maritime Journal


Medium Wave Circle Newsletter (MWN – Medium Wave News)


Microwave Journal Magazine


Morsum Magnificat Morse Code Newsletter (ISSN 0953-6426)

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Navigation (Journal of the Institute of Navigation)


New Zealand DX Times (sign-up page)


Nuts & Volts Magazine


OnAir Coach


OT News (Journal of the Radio Amateur Old Timers’ Association, RAOTA)


Propagation News (South Manchester Radio and Computing Club)




Radio and Internet (RAIN) News Newsletter


Radiodays Europe Newsletter (sign-in page)


Radio Kurier (Germany)


Radio New Zealand (RNZ) email Newsletter


Radio Science (AGU)


Radio Ink Magazine (USA)


RadioWorks Newsletters


Radio World Magazine


Reflexion (German DXTV)


Remote Magazine


RSGB New Starters Newsletter (2013-2015)


Scramble Magazine (Military Aviation, Netherlands)


Small Market Radio Newsletter (USA)


‘SPRAT’ (Journal of the G QRP Club)


TéléPro Magazine (Belgium)


The Conversation


The Drum


The Lowdown (LW Club of America)


The Radiophile (Vintage Radio, Back Issues Only)


Short Wave Bulletin (Malmö Kortvagsklubb)

(Historical Resource) 


This Week in Amateur Radio (USA)


TV-Funkamateur (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Amateurfunk-Fernsehen, AGAF e.V.)


VHF Communications Magazine (Back Issues)


VHF - UHF -μW Newsletter (IARU)


Utility DX Newsletters (Historical)


World DAB News


Ydun Ritz’s Medium Wave Info



Updated: Wednesday, 28 July 2021


Georg Wiessala