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Radio Taiwan International


Short Wave in French and German

News from RTI

This year, RTI will once again be broadcasting its German-language program directly from the Tamsui transmitter in Taiwan for several days. The broadcast dates and frequencies for July 2022 are as follows:


Frequency 11995kHz 1700-1800 UTC

Frequency 9545kHz 1900-2000 UTC


1) 08.07. Friday

2) 09.07. Saturday

3) 10.07. Sunday

4) 15.07. Friday

5) 16.07. Saturday

6) 17.07. Sunday

7) 22.07. Friday

8) 23.07. Saturday

9) 24.07. Sunday

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10) 29.07. Friday

11) 30.07. Saturday

12) 31.07. Sunday


RTI confirm receipt reports with a special QSL card. You can send reception reports to [email protected] by email, using the online form, or by mail (Radio Taiwan International, German Service, PO Box 123-199, Taipei 11199, Taiwan).


RTI would also like to point out that this year in August RTI will also be broadcasting French-language programs directly from the Tamsui transmitter on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. RTI looks forward to your reception reports.


(Sources: RTI | SWLing Post)

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