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RadioUser Quarterly Acronyms Update


A three-monthly update of new acronyms, abbreviations and acrostics used in RadioUser magazine.

here is our latest, updated, list of new abbreviations, acronyms and acrostics used in RadioUser, from December 2018 to March 2019. Please copy and paste this into your master lists and perform a search for duplicates: 

December 2018 to March 2019


ABP                         Associated British Ports

ALRS                       Admiralty List of Radio Signals (Maritime Matters)

ANEM                      Association of Independent Electronic Media

ASEPS                    Advanced Surveillance-Enhanced Procedural Separation (Airband)

ASM                        Application-Specific Messages (Maritime Matters)

ATS                         Air Traffic Services (Airband News)

ATZ                         Aerodrome Traffic Zone

BVLOS                    Beyond visual line-of-sight (drone flying)

CAS                         Controlled Airspace

COSPAS                 COsmicheskaya Systyema Poiska Aariynyich Sudov (Space System for Search of Vessels in Distress).

COW                       Cells-on-Wheels (Emergency Communications)

CSTDMA                 Carrier-Sense Time-Division Multiple-Access (Maritime AIS)

CSV                         Comma-separated Variable (file type)

CTA                         Control Area(s) (Airband News)

CUDA                      Compute Unified Device Architecture

DRC                        Dynamic Range Control (DAB Radios)

ELT                         Emergency Locator Transmitter

EMC                        Electromagnetic Compatibility (a rating)

EPIRB                     Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

EVA                         Extra-Vehicular Activity (Signals from Space)

EWS                        Emergency Warning System

FEC                         Forward Error Correction (DXTV)

FFT                         Fast-Fourier Transform (An Algorithm used in, for instance, SDR Radios)

FIR                          Flight Information Region (Airband)

GMSK                      Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying

GSM-R                    Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway

HEVC                      High Efficiency Video Coding (DXTV)

IAP                          Instrument Approach Procedures (Airband)

IBOC                       In-Band, On-Channel (Digital Radio)

IMD                         inter-modulation distortion (aerials)

IWCE                       International Wireless Communications Expo

JOTA                      Jamboree on the Air

JOTI                        Jamboree on the Internet

LFZ                         Local Flying Zone (Airband News)

LRIT                        Long-Range Identification and Tracking (Maritime Matters)

LTE                         Long-Term Evolution

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LUFS                       Loudness-Units, Relative to Full-Scale (smart speaker technology)

LUT                         Local User Terminal (Emergency Communications)

LVP                         Low-Visibility Procedures (Airband News)

LVP                         Low-Visibility Procedures (Airband)

MAIB                       Marine Accident Investigation Branch

MCC                        Mission Control Centre (e.g. Emergency Communications)

MDS                        Minimum Discernible Signal

MITDMA                  Multiple Incremental Time Division Multiple Access

MSC                        Main Service Channel (DAB Radio)

MTOW                    Maximum Take-Off Weight (Airband)

NAT                         North Atlantic Track (Airband) 

NTM                        Notices to Mariners

NVIDIA                    A computer graphics-card manufacturer

OTG                        On-the-Go (e.g.: USB-OTG)

PAD                         Programme-Associated Data (DAB Radio)

PCB                         printed circuit board

PLB                         Personal Locator Beacons

PPU                         Portable Pilot Units (Ship Pilotage)

QFE                         Pressure measured by an altimeter which is adjusted to ground level (it gives a height of 0                                  when the airplane is on the ground).

QNH                        Pressure measured by an altimeter (adjusted to sea level; it gives the field elevation when an                             aircraft is on the ground)

QSD                        Quadrature Sampling Detectors (SDR Radio)

RBTV                      Reduced-Bandwidth Television (Amateur TV)

RHCP                      Right Hand Circular Polarisation (Aerials)

RMDR                     Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range

RVR                        Runway Visual Range (Airband News)

SARP                      Search and Rescue Signal Processors

SARR                      Search and Rescue Repeaters

SARSAT                  Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking

SOTDMA                 Self-Organized Time Division Multiple Access (Maritime AIS)

SR                           Symbol Rate (DXTV)

TGID                       Talk Group Identification (Digital Scanners)

VDES                      VHF Data Exchange System (Maritime Matters)

VMR                        Volunteer Marine Rescue Services (Australia)

VSWR                     Variable Standing Wave Ratio (Aerial Analysis)

VTS                         Vessel Traffic Services (Harbour Control) (Marine Pilotage Communications)



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