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Reliable Time from Canada


CHU Time Signals

Time and Tide ...

The RADIOWORLD newsletter published an interesting, short, article in its edition of 25th November 2020 (pp. 14/5). The piece introduced the Canadian Time Signal Station CHU, which we have covered in our recent series on Time Signals (RadioUser, April 2020, 28; June 2020, 51). CHU transmits on 3330, 7850 and 14670 kHz and is often heard by European DXers. The station uses three atomic clocks and was founded in 1929, with the callsign VE9OB. It moved to its present site in 1947 and was planned to cover the vast rural spaces of the country. James Careless reports in the RADIOWORLD (online) article how initial Morse code transmissions were later added to by a station ID, a ‘Speaking Clock, and, eventually, digital transmission in the 1990s. A fascinating piece of radio history....


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