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Rough Weather Ahead - Eunice


Stay Informed with Fax and RTTY from the DWD

Keep a Weather Eye on the Horizon

We are all waiting for Storm Eunice with bated breath at the moment, here in the North West of England. The wind speed is markedly up already, and I am monitoring the German Weather Service (DWD) meteorological transmissions on Short Wave. 

Equipment is AOR AR7030 and (for now) Wellbrook ALA1530; SeaTTY and Zorns-Lemma 11.42 software, as well as Spectran and Friture for visualisation.

This afternoon, I received some useful Fax charts and weather-related synoptic reports (RTTY) on 147.3, 7646, 7880 and 8038kHz, which I would like to share with you. The forecast maps extend to the weekend ahead, and it is looking turbulent, to say the least. 

Over the next few days, I have a few antennas in the shack, for testing and reviewing purposes. I will focus my efforts on meteorological radio and will add to the picture gallery here, as and when. 

So batten down the hatches and keep your (emergency) radios on. 

Stay safe everybody and share your own weather images, charts and data with me at:

[email protected]

Best wishes

Ed Georg 


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