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RTTY Weather Data with the TECSUN S8800 GM on USB


RTTY Weather Data Reception on a Portable

Synoptic Weather Data with the Tecsun S8800

I have just acquired a new Tecsun S8800 GM (Gun-Metal? Georg's Machine?) portable receiver from Nevada Radio, with thanks to Mike Devereux for the ultra-fast delivery. Today, I have tuned it to 7646 (7645.2) kHz for the RTTY (radioteletype) weather transmissions of the German Weather Service (DWD – Deutscher Wetterdienst) from Pinneberg, near Hamburg in Germany. Because the S8800 offers SSB (USB and LSB) modes, this was easily possible. I received the images on this page in the morning, with a very fine clear day outside. There are many decoders available. I often use Zorns Lemma 11.42, because the program directly translates the synoptic data it receives into maps and images of the reporting stations, ships, buoys and other places where the data come from. I switch to SeaTTY for in-the-clear forecasts for the North Sea and Channel. Today, the forecast is good, and we have a dry and sunny weekend ahead of us.

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