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Sarah Hynes and the Radio Network


Preview of an article in the April 2020 issue of RadioUser

Sarah Hynes and the Radio Network

Chris Rolinson's Network Radio column for April 2020 features a fascinating insight into the world of one of the alternative channel suites on Zello. 'Radio Network' began almost by accident as a private channel for Liverpudlian (but Wales-based!) Sarah Hynes and her husband – it had been set up for when Sarah needed to spend increasing amounts of time in hospital. But inadvertently, it became a growing platform for users who enjoyed spending their spare time together on the airwaves and socialising in ways reminiscent of the old 1980s CB clubs. What had attracted Sarah to Network Radio in the first place was the way in which people could talk about anything they wished. At first, as a female hobbyist, she felt somewhat shy and hesitant about using the system – most seemed to frequented by male Radio Hams who seemed to mostly want to talk more about technical topics, whereas Sarah just wanted to chat about everyday life. It turned out there were others out there just like her (men included!), who actually felt more comfortable chatting and not feeling under pressure to sound ‘technical’ or  ‘knowledgeable’. It’s a fascinating story which you can read more about in the April edition of Radio User.

(Source: Sarah Hynes, Chris Rolinson, Members of the Radio Network)

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