Sir Ray Tindle (1926 -2022)



A Major Radio Personality

The death of media owner Sir Ray Tindle (1926 -2022) was widely reported in the national and trade media this week.

Sir Ray started his career in the newspaper industry just after the Second World War and build a portfolio of over 220 local newspapers.

He was also an early investor in Capital Radio. He built up a small radio group in England which included: Kick (Newbury), Delta (East Hants), Bridge (Bridgend), Dream (Winchester), Kestrel (Basingstoke), Norwich, Beach (Great Yarmouth), Town (Ipswich) and North Norfolk. 

These stations were gradually sold off to Anglian, then Celador and finally ended up in the Bauer group.

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Most are now part of the Greatest Hits network.

Tindle still owns these radio stations: Channel 103, Jersey; Island FM, Guernsey; Soleil (Channel Islands - DAB only) and Midlands 103 (Tullamore, Ireland)

Tindle also published Radio,  a trade magazine for the radio industry which closed in 2014.

(Source: David Harris)