SSTV Experiment from Moscow


A Transmission from MAI

Signals from Space

The Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) will be conducting its routine SSTV experiment during orbits that pass within range of Moscow, Russia on the 7th and 8th of February 2022. The MAI typically operate PD180 on a downlink frequency of 145.800MHz using the Kenwood D710E located in the Service Module.

The images are sent with about 3-minute gaps between transmissions.

7th February: Start about 08:35 UTC, stopping about 15:05 UTC.

8th February: Start about 10:40 UTC,  stopping about 14:30 UTC. 


Received images can be uploaded at: 

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(Source: ARISS -- via, and thanks to: Bob Houlston, RadioUser Volunteer Correspondent).