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Tasty Radio from a Shipping Container


It’s All About Food

Fun and Sustainable Food

We would like to invite you to learn about this interesting internet radio station, in a short article from our South American RadioUser columnist Martin Butera, specially written for our website.

Not far from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, there is a pizzeria known for its wood oven. It is the perfect meeting place and atmosphere to gather many of New York’s ‘hipsters’.

Finding the place is not easy – it is located next to a concrete block facade in the best ‘punk’ style and behind an unattractive and badly-marked door in an old garage in the Bushwick neighbourhood of Brooklyn.

In this pizzeria you will not find anything that is shiny or new; most of the furniture and decoration are recovered and recycled parts found on the street, very rough and uneven

However, upon entering, a delight awaits you, called Roberta's. This is a pizzeria converted into a garden and orchard that opened in early 2008. Surprisingly, during weekday lunchtime, it is not uncommon to find all tables full.

And from the back of the pizzeria runs the Heritage Radio Network, the only radio station in the world dedicated entirely to food, and possibly the only internet station that is transmitted from two shipping containers.

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Patrick Martins, the founder of Heritage Radio Network, said converting the restaurant was easy: “I approached the owners and said: “If I dropped two shipping containers in your backyard, would you allow us to operate a radio station”? They responded quickly and created a garden with herbs and plants – on the roof of the containers.

In this way, the food-centric Internet radio station Heritage Radio Network came into being. HRN became a non-profit organization in 2012 as its operation grew. The radio, which still operates inside shipping containers, now has more than 40 weekly shows. In addition, each program has its constantly growing archive in podcast format [...]. 

(Source, and many thanks to Martín Butera/ Ligia Katze)

Photographs credits: Joe Martinez and Heritage Radio Network