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Tecsun PL-368


A First Look

A Fully-Featured Portable

The Tecsun PL-368 follows on from the popular PL-360/ 365 models. It is an FM (Stereo) / LW/ MW/ SW Receiver with an innovative, time-dependent memory system and SSB reception with SYNC. The Enhanced Tuning Mode (ETM) feature can auto-tune and auto-store stations into an ‘ETM-Memory’.

What this means is that you can have dedicated memory banks for certain times of the day; this can be most useful for time-specific broadcasts and DX transmissions. The radio also has a direct-entry keyboard and a nifty magnetic bar aerial for the top. I will be looking at this new little marvel in the forthcoming (August) issue of RadioUser in some more detail.

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Meanwhile, here are the specifications and a few initial photographs. If you are using this radio already, maybe on your travels, do get in touch and let me know how you are getting on [...]. 

(GW 270622)