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The End of Icelandic Long Wave


Third-Largest Structure in Iceland Demolished


RÚV LW Withdrawal  

Once ubiquitous, few radios now receive Long Wave broadcasts. Priority is now given to boosting FM signals. RÚV’s long wave transmitter in East Iceland has been demolished. Monday saw RÚV’s East Iceland long wave transmitter switched off. The mast at Eiðar, at 218 metres the third tallest structure in the country, transmitted RÚV’s radio services across the east of the country and out into the Norwegian Sea. In a statement, RÚV says that the equipment needed to maintain the service is very expensive, and [that] few radios now receive LW broadcasts.

The change is being made in association with Iceland’s Civil Defence and other bodies concerned with emergencies, as long wave signals have traditionally formed part of emergency communication planning. However, an upgraded FM system will take over this function. The Long Wave signal from Eiður, on 207kHz, has been replaced by a more powerful FM network in East Iceland. RÚV has increased the number of FM transmitters and renewed existing masts.

Long wave transmissions will continue, for a time, on 189kHz from Hellissandur at Gufuskálar in West Iceland – Iceland’s tallest structure at 412 metres – but it too will ultimately close, and then the FM system will fully take over the role of safety broadcasts.

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Click here to continue reading and watch the demolition video

Click here to watch the RUV report on the end of this longwave service (in Icelandic)

(Sources: RUV English | SWLing Post)