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The JNC Radio SV4401A


A New Handheld Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

New at ML&S

The SV4401A is a handheld Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) with a frequency range of 50kHz - 4.4GHz. It can be used for S11 and S21 measurements. The S21 dynamic range of SV4401A is 75 dB, while the S11 dynamic range is 50 dB. SV4401A is suitable for antenna testing of MF/HF/VHF/UHF bands, such as shortwave antennas, ISM band antennas, Wi-Fi antennas, Bluetooth antennas, and GPS antennas, and so on. It can be used to measure filters, amplifiers, attenuators, cables, power dividers, couplers, duplexers and other RF components. SV4401A supports a variety of display formats: Log Mag, Linear Mag, Phase, Smith R+jX, Smith R+L/C, VSWR, Polar, Group delay, Resistance, Reactance, etc. In addition, SV4401A supports the TDR function, which is useful for cable length measurement.

The SV4401A is designed with a metal case, which is durable and can effectively shield electromagnetic interference. The dimension of SV4401A is 190mmx130mmx30mm, and a back bracket is designed for desktop use. The RF interface of SV4401A is an N-type female connector and comes with a pair of N-to-SMA adapters, which can be used to connect DUTs with SMA interfaces. With the optimally designed signal processing system, the scan speed of SV4401A is 400 points/s, which enables a quasi-real-time measurement, and the maximum scanning points is up to 1001.

The screen of SV4401A is a 7-inch high-brightness IPS capacitive touch screen, which allows users to see the screen content outdoors. SV4401A adopts a full touchscreen design, with 4 physical buttons, users can quickly set frequency range, scale, turn on/off traces, add/delete markers, screenshots, and so on. The operation is quite convenient and smooth. The device has two built-in 3350mAh 18650 lithium batteries with a battery life of up to 4 hours. The charging interface is USB Type-C, and the Type-C cable can be used to charge the device and also for data transfer. At the same time, the SV4401A has a built-in 8GB memory card, which can be used to store calibration status, SNP files, screenshots, and other data:


● Frequency range50kHz - 4.4GHz;

● S21 dynamic range75dBS11 dynamic range50dB;

● 7-inch high-brightness IPS capacitive touch screen, clearly visible outdoors

● Metal case: effectively shields electromagnetic interference;

● N-type RF connector, stable and durable;

● Full touch screen + 4 physical buttons, convenient and smooth operation;

● Dimensions: 190mmx130mmx30mm;

● Designed with a back bracket for desktop operation;

● Supports local screenshot, able to save the screenshot to the built-in memory card;

● Built-in 8GB memory card to store calibration status, SNP files, screenshots, etc;

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● 2 built-in 3350mAh 18650 lithium batteries with a battery life of up to 4 hours;

● TDR function, which can be used to measure cable length;

● Up to 2 reference traces;

● Up to 8 markers and the marker table can be dragged anywhere on the screen;

● 12 save/recall slots, and supports save/recall calibration state from files;

● Charging via USB Type-C, and the charging voltage is 5V DC;

● Designed with a 5V/1A USB power output port;

● Firmware upgrade via virtual U disk with USB Type-C cable;

● Comes with an SMA calibration kit and 50cm SMA coaxial cable;

● Screen brightness adjustable;

● Automatic sleep to save power;

● Supports console commands and PC software;

● Comes with a storage bag.

(Source: ML&S Martin Lynch & Sons)

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