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The Other Man’s Shack


News from Mac

Old and New Together

RadioUser reader and friend ‘Mac’ McInnes from Scotland recently shared a series of shack photographs with the editor. Included was his new acquisition, the ICOM IC-705. I was well impressed with Mac’s amazingly organised shack, and I have been after a set of those Watson speakers for a while.

Good to see also, that Mac is enjoying both BDXC Communication and RadioUser – as every serious listener should, of course! On behalf of the RadioUser team, thanks for the mail and we wish Mac many years of enjoyable listening and DXing!

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If you have any pictures of your shack setup and would like to share them with our radio community, do not hesitate to get in touch with the editor, at the usual e-mail address, or, as in this case, by gold old snail-mail!

Georg Wiessala ([email protected])